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Review: Chopstix by A.T. Raydan

Title: Chopstix
Author: A.T. Raydan
Source: Midas PR
Publisher: Unique Inspiration
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
Wendy Wu is an ordinary teenager who lives with her parents. She has always been taught about the virtues of peace, tranquillity and respect, always to use spoken word instead of violence.

When fate delivers a cruel blow, her life is turned upside down. Mentally and emotionally Wendy struggles to come to terms with the changes and pretends that nothing has happened.

Each evening, Wendy hides away in her room and passes time by continuing to make chopsticks for the family restaurant that is no more; the very same chopsticks that are soon to become her weapon for serving justice...

A tale of betrayal, adventure and revenge.
My Thoughts
Chopstix is a book that had me intrigued and wanting to know more. The protagonist, Wendy Wu, lives with her parents in New Valliant City after they left Shanghai to start afresh . They own a restaurant called House of Wu, where Wendy helps out and also carves the chopsticks they use. Any bookings made in advance have personalised chopsticks, whilst drop in customers get unique chopsticks, her father hopes to start a franchise and open up restaurants in other cities.
Wendy's life is pretty normal until she returns home one day to find her home and the restaurant in flames, with her parents trapped inside. After their untimely death she goes to live with her aunt Daiyu who welcomes Wendy with open arms, and allows them to grieve together.

The way in which Chopstix is told is unique and kept me wondering what Wendy would say or think of next. As Wendy narrates, not only do we get the story, but we also get bits of the thoughts going through her head at that moment in time, like the thought interrupts the narration.
'...more about my Mother later. The guys and girls at college, yes, that's where we were....'
[Page 17]
However, I do feel like there was a bit too much information overload at the beginning. We are told everything about herself, her family, her school, and I did feel slightly overwhelmed with having to remember all the minute details she gives. Once the introductions were over and all the background information had been told by Wendy, that was when the story picked up for me.

After the death of her parents Wendy is determined to find out the truth about what happened to her parents. She is determined and strong willed, and even when the investigation has results that clearly don't add up, she refuses to back down. I love how Wendy has taken something so devastating and made it a positive thing. Yes she has lost her family, and there doesn't seem to be any help from law enforcement but she takes this anger, this hurt, this feeling of helplessness and uses it to help others.
When some of her parent's past is revealed to her she begins to see why they were so secretive, and this only add fuel to the fire giving her something to look for, something to keep fighting for in order to find out the truth.

Final Verdict
Chopstix is a promising start to a series, and now that the introductions are over I hope we get to see more of Wendy in action as she fights to find out what really happened.

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