Friday, 26 June 2015

Beyond the Books: I Collect These (1)

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This week we are talking about things we collect.

Apart from books I have a variety of collections. Some of them are old from when I was younger but I still keep hold of them for sentimental reasons. Others are just random collections, or my latest obsession.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOld Collection
Trolls. I was OBSESSED with Trolls when I was younger, small ones, cuddly ones, twins. My Dad put nails all around my bedroom and my Trolls would fit nicely between the nails, each nail under an arm. I really don't know how many I had. The few in the picture are the last remaining Trolls I have. My Nan got these for me and they are in near perfect condition as they are kept out of reach.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Random Collection
Kinder Egg released a collection of Disney Princesses, and while I don't particularly like kinder eggs, I had to buy them for the Princesses. At the time only certain shops had them on offer, two for the price of one, or two for just over the price of one. So this meant I ate a lot of eggs, and also encouraged my b/f to eat some for me to I could collect all the princess.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicCurrent Obsession Collection
I am in LOVE with the Disney Tsum Tsums that you can collect. These are all I have so far, but I've only been collecting for about a month. If you collect 25 you get a silver badge, collect 50 for a gold badge. Can we see which badge I'm aiming for.
I don't really collect them in a 'family' just whichever is cutest at the time I go to the shops. White Rabbit and Cheshire Cat I picked up from eBay, as they weren't available in the shop or online. The rest were all picked up from the shop itself.

**Quick update to add that I also collect pens. I don't have a picture handy as my box, yes box, of pens is stashed on my shelf behind a ton of stuff. If the pen is pretty, I'll buy it. Over the years I've had a variety of pens. From you usual basic pen, fountain pens, pens that looked like candles, pens that had clear ink inside but wrote purple, character pens, book related pens, pens with my name on. If you need a pen, I am the person to ask.**

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  1. I use to collect cats, ceramic, plates,etc. Now not so much. Books are in every room of my house. It cannot be I do collect coffee cups and ornaments.


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