Saturday, 13 June 2015

Blogoversary Quiz: Scrambled Books

Todays Quiz for you is scrambled books. You have to unscramble the words to make a book title. Some of these books are from my favourite authors, and may not be well known. Just do your best and good luck!!!!

1. Giaarusnd of hte Etsw

2. Odwhsa Yustd

3. Yrdea Laypre Eno
4. Nrkcgoein

5. Terbte Ehnw Eh's Adb

6. Caeli ni Mizbeo Danl

7. Rorfeev Ym Ilrg

8. Omno Laldce

9. Imgac to hte Oenb

The rafflecopter form will be linked to all the quizzes over the week, so make sure you fill in the answers in the correct boxes.
This is an international giveaway to win £10 for The Book Depository if it ships to you. No pre-orders and please remember to make sure you follow my giveaway policies

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