Monday, 1 June 2015

Review: The It Girl by Katy Birchall

Title: The It Girl
Author: Katy Birchall
Author Info: Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Source: NetGalley & Publisher
Publisher: Egmont
Publication Date: 7th May 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Everybody wants to be a famous It Girl. Don't they?

Anna Huntley's aims in life:

1) Must keep my two lovely new (and only) school friends by not doing anything in usual manner of socially inept dork and outcast.

2) Train Dog (my labrador) to high-five. This is probably the most ambitious life goal on this list.

3) Do not set the school's Deputy Queen Bee mean girl's hair on fire (again).

4) Work out whether 2) and 3) constitute being socially inept or outcastish.

5) Go to Africa and give out rice.

6) To hide in a cupboard FOR LIFE with Dog now Dad is engaged to one of the most famous actresses EVER, the paparazzi want to spash my face all over the papers and everyone in school (and The World) is soon to discover the level of my social ineptitude.

7) Is rice a bit done now? Maybe I can give out chocolate in Africa too. I do like chocolate. Must work out how to do it from the cupboard...
My Thoughts
When I first saw The It Girl on NetGalley I wasn't too sure what to think, but after reading a sampler sent from the publisher I could not stop laughing, so I knew I had to read this.

Anna, the protagonist, lives with her Dad who interviews celebrities for his job, she is a geek through and through, and has two great friends, Danny and Jess, who are always at her side. After a freak accident involving a bunsen burner and the hair of the most popular girl in school, her social status has surprisingly gotten lower, if that was at all possible. She has her friends still, but is now the laughing stock of the school with snide commends and remarks thrown at her.

The It Girl is a laugh out loud book, I love Anna and her geekyness, and also her need to hide in the cupboard in the recovery position. Thankfully I read this book at home, otherwise I'm sure I would have gotten strange looks for laughing so much. When I began reading I instantly felt sorry for Anna, a genuine accident, which when described was hilarious but please don't try it yourselves, and she suffers for it throughout the book.
When it was revealed that her Dad was going engaged to a celebrity, who also had a famous daughter, I wanted Ana to be OK. But after we get to know Helena and Marianne I really did like them. Reading books with celebrities in them, especially when they come into the family, you expect them to be pushy, and look down at everyone. But Helena was really down to earth, and Marianne had a lot more in common with Ana than I expected.

When Ana becomes popular I felt sorry for how she was treated, but also disliked the way she dealt with it. I was beyond happy to see her come to her senses and fix things. Ana's love interest wasn't someone who stood out for me initially, but I liked seeing how it came about.

The It girl was a quick read for me, and I was surprised at how much I loved it but also how much it took me by surprise. As the story progresses I had the ending sorted in my head, but it turned out completely opposite to what I expected, and also left me wanting more. The characters were not only likeable, but also very believable.

Final Verdict
Katy Birchall has done a fantastic job with The It Girl. It is sure to entertain readers of all ages, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next installment.

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