Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Paper or Electric?

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It's been a while since I posted a discussion post, so my question for you today is...

Do you prefer Paper or Electronic?
[Paper is a general term, this also includes hardback books]

When I first heard about electronic books, I was adamant I was not going to use them, but that was before my blogging days. Even at the beginning of my blogging days I still didn't have an e-reader, and when I eventually got one it was a refurbished average e-reader, nothing special about it at all. Now things have changed, I have my trusty iPad which not only holds my books but also games to distract me.

Looking at this question I can admit that I am torn with the answer. As a blogger I really don't know what I would do without my Ipad, the ease of using netgalley, or having books sent from authors or publishers straight to your device makes being a blogger so much more efficient. No more waiting for the postman to deliver a book, or having to turn down a book you HAVE to read. Some of my favourite authors have eBooks that I've been able to review easily. It also makes it easier for the OCD part of me that needs matching covers, having them on my device means I don't need to stress about books not matching. IT also makes it so much easier to travel with books, I have hundreds on my iPad and it weighs a lot less than two books.

But as a reader my heart will always be with paperback. I love seeing my bookcase overflowing with books to read, being able to collect my favourite books and place them on my shelves. I love being able to pick them up and turn the pages, getting to touch the covers and the different effects used to make them, and also spend many hours staring at the pretty covers.

Now I've shared what I prefer, leave a comment and let me know which one you prefer.


  1. I go back and forth on this. I buy both. I love getting physical books in the mail and my growing bookshelves, BUT I find it easier to read eBooks. I use text-to-speech on my kindle and that means I can listen when I am driving, cooking, and/or cleaning the house. I think in a perfect world I would have both, but in this reality I am torn.

  2. I always want a physical copy. I really don't like ebooks and I feel that I look at enough screens, television, cell phone, laptop, tablet. It nice to feel the book in your hands, to turn the pages to look at the beautiful covers and to realized that it doesn't have to be plugged-in, charged or any other electricity (unless you count light at night). A physical book is a work of precious art and that will always be my go to.

  3. I'm kind of torn. I love the easy of having large quantities of my books on my Ipad. Especially since through the years I've owned Nooks, Kindles, and iPads and now have lots of unread books across those devices. Reading on my iPad means I have all of them on one device. Plus, like you said I can access Netgalley, and check email which helps with my bogging. And the best thing is I can look up definitions instantly, and enlarge print. The downside is my iPad has to be charged, and the LCD screen has a glare in sunlight.

    On the other side, physical books feel better in your hand, smell so good, and I like to look at the cover art.


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