Sunday, 9 August 2015

No Books Allowed (3)

No Books Allowed is the brain child of Raimy from Readaraptor. It's a way to share with you what I have been doing with my time that has nothing to do with being a blogger, or reading books.

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I've been watching a lot of movies recently, mostly at home with the b/f, but I went to the cinema with my brother to watch Ant-Man.

Jupiter Ascending: I had heard a lot of negative things about this movie, but  thought it was pretty decent.
Into the Woods: I've wanted to see this movie since it was in the cinema, but never got around to watching it. I ended up watching this with the b/f, who took possession of my iPad as he couldn't stand the singing.
The Babadook: This one we didn't expect much from, and while is was an OK movie I wouldn't really say it was scary or one of the best.
Ant-Man: I wasn't expecting too much from this one. This was the brothers choice as we have seen a lot of the latest Marvel movies on release day. I found myself really enjoying this movie more than I expected, and if you ignore the noisy children a few rows in front of us, I had a great time.
RoboCop: I love the old movie so I knew I had to watch this one. I really liked it, but since I can't remember the old one too much I can't really say whether it was similar or more detailed.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: I remember seeing the original move years ago, and I really wanted to see this in the cinema but this was another one I never got around to watching. I really enjoyed this one, my only problem was I could have done with some subtitles when the Apes communicate with each other using sign language.

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Wayward Pines: this was originally a TV show that didn't really interest me, but as it progressed it got really interesting. I have no idea if a new series has been picked up or if this was a one off.
The Link: While I've been off sick the past few weeks I have finally found a game show I am good at. I am obsessed with The Link, and now that I'm going back into work I have this set on series record. I am also so late to actually finding this.

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Sims Freeplay: I was OBSESSED with the Sims PC game, and I had every game that you could get, I didn't get Sims 3 as it wouldn't work on my PC. I recently found Sims Freeplay for my iPad, and I am addicted to it.

When I've not been busy with the above, now that I am feeling better I have gone on a mad cleaning spree and completely gutted the bedroom in two days.


  1. Ahh not the sims! I don't even want to contemplate how many hours of my life I've wasted away on that game lol, it's so addicting. I warn you now, beware! That's a lot of reading time that game cuts in to!

    1. I wasted hours of my teen life playing these games on my PC, and I avoided them for years and now I back onto them. Thankfully the iPad version is less time consuming, it follows our own day so tasks can take my whole work day to complete.


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