Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Title: Everything, Everything
Author: Nicola Yoon
Author Info: Website|Blog|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Corgi Childrens
Publication Date: 3rd September 2015
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
Madeline Whittier is allergic to the outside world. So allergic, in fact, that she has never left the house in all of her seventeen years. But when Olly moves in next door, and wants to talk to Maddie, tiny holes start to appear in the protective bubble her mother has built around her. Olly writes his IM address on a piece of paper, shows it at her window, and suddenly, a door opens.
But does Maddie dare to step outside her comfort zone?
My Thoughts
When I first heard about Everything, Everything, I knew it was a book I had to read. The idea of someone being allergic to everything fascinates me and I wanted to see how it was portrayed in the book.
Madeleine has SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency), she is allergic to everything, the smell of perfume, food, another persons environmental germs. She stays inside her house, day in and day out, unable to go outside the doors or even open the windows in case she has a reaction. Anyone coming into her home has to have a full health check, and has to be decontaminated on entry.

When I began reading Everything, Everything, it is quickly made clear how severe Madeline's illness is, and how clinical and sparse her home is. Knowing nothing but this, it's easy for Madeline to live this way, but for me it would be the worst way to live. For her eighteen years of her life, Madeline has had no contact with the outside world, until a new neighbor moves in next door, bringing with them a very interesting boy names Olly. She suddenly wants a life like the others, she wants to feel the breeze, to actually fell the sun heating her skin, and wants to have a real friend.

I went into Everything, Everything with an idea of what to expect, but somewhere along the way my expectations were not met. I thought Everything, Everything would end a certain way, but I was shocked but pleasantly surprised to find out that it was ending in a way I did not expect. I was shocked over the twist and did feel sorry for Madeline having to deal with this. I liked the relationship between Madeline and Olly, how it was slow but was a real friendship, I was disappointed in how this ended but I have high hopes for thier unwritten future.

Everything, Everything really made me think about this condition that Madeline has, and how there are people living in the world who have this, and I can't imagine how they deal with it. I think this is the first time I have read about it in a book, and the author has done a great job of not only portraying this condition, but also explaining the severity of it whilst making the character real to me.

Final Verdict
While I did enjoy the book I did have some issues with the formatting itself. It was either jumbled up on certain parts and I could not make head nor tails of what it was meant to say, or there were parts that just weren't there which spoilt the continuity of the book, for example initial communication between Madeleine and Olly that was written and shown through the windows was not there, leaving me to guess what had been written. But formatting aside, Everything, Everything was an enjoyable read and I am looking forward to seeing what else the author has in store for us.

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