Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Review: Lockdown [Urban Outlaws #3] by Peter Jay Black

Title: Lockdown
Author: Peter Jay Black
Author Info: Website|Twitter
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
Series: Urban Outlaws #3
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Publication Date: 10th September 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
The Urban Outlaws have been betrayed – and defeated. Or so Hector thought when he stole the world's most advanced computer virus. But Hector will need to try much harder than just crossing the Atlantic if he wants to outsmart Jack and his team ...

With the help of a shadowy figure known as The Shepherd, the Urban Outlaws risk everything and head to the States. They plan to take Hector down and stop him from using the virus as the ultimate hacking tool – the world's secrets, and their own, are in his fingertips and if they don't act fast, our lives will be changed forever.
My Thoughts
Urban Outlaws has been a series I have really enjoyed from the very first book. When I was offered a copy of Lockdown to review my only answer was yes please. I really like the new makeover this series has got, the covers look edgy but are also eye catching.

Lockdown follows the events of the previous book, Blackout, with the team determined to find the location of Hector, and get the virus back. However, thier plans can go nowhere, with no money and no ID, the Urban Outlaws have no way of getting to USA, until a 'good samaritan' The Shepherd says he will give them a way to USA for a price.

Going into this series you know there is going to be missions, RAKing, and some serious hi tech gadgets, and Lockdown was no exception (I really need the Think Desk they have). We also get to meet a few new faces who I hope we see in another book. Serene is Noble's sister, and she gives the Urban Outlaws a home to stay in during thier stay in USA. Her house is full of gadgets and tech that isn't even out to the public. Serene also has hacker friends, with Lux and Drake playing a big role in the Urban Outlaws latest mission.

Lockdown has many twists and turns, and when you think it is all figured out, the plan changes and has you rethinking everything you thought you knew. The Urban Outlaws have to not only outsmart Hector, but also stay alive, and avoid being caught. They put so much on the line and take so many risks that several times through Lockdown I thought it was all over for the team. However, when all things come together, and they have a real, planned, strategic attack, I love the resourcefulness and ingenuity of this group.

Urban Outlaws is a series that keeps on giving, and keeps on getting better. Not only with the character development, but with the missions and the risks they take.

Final Verdict
Lockdown was exactly what I expected from the author, and from the Urban Outlaws. They surprise me time and time again with thier quick thinking and pure luck of getting out of sticky situations. I can't wait to see where thier next adventure takes them.

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