Monday, 5 October 2015

Mini Review: Worth the Risk [The Game #4] by Emma Hart

Title: Worth the Risk
Author: Emma Hart
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Series: The Game #4
Source: Purchased by myself
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: 29th May 2014
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
She lost a part of her soul when he died.
He lost his right hand man, his ultimate partner in crime.
But it’s that tragedy that might just push them together.

If Kyle Daniels regrets anything, it’s not being home the night his best friend died or going home for his funeral. Leaving Berkeley and heading back to Verity Point, Oregon, for the summer feels like returning to a hollow cave without Cameron there. The only thing that makes it bearable is the knowledge that Roxanne, Cam’s younger sister, is still there.

Roxy Hughes isn’t the same girl he left behind six months ago. Destroyed by losing her older brother, her downward spiral has been uncontrollable. Alcohol and sex is her escape - complete oblivion being the only place she can forget the agony of that night. Because she’s the only one that truly knows it.

Kyle always promised Cam that if anything happened to him he’d protect Roxy, but one kiss takes his need to protect her to a whole new level. Now, she’s more than just his best friend’s sister. She’s everything he wants, and he’s everything she doesn’t know she needs.

But if he doesn’t figure out a way to pull her from the deep, dark hole she’s dug herself, she might just end up the same way as her brother.
My Thoughts
Worth the Risk is the fourth and final (so far) book in The Game Series, and is one I have had sitting on my iPad waiting to be read and sadly it took me a while to get around to reading this one.

Worth the Risk gives Roxi a chance to tell her story, and what an emotional story it is. Roxi is grieving the loss of her brother. She wishes she had made him get into another car, instead of the one he got into, the one that took his life. Every day since this tragic event, she blames herself, but instead of grieving alone, she goes off on a completely different path, drinking and sleeping around. Six months too late, Kyle, her brothers best friend, returns home, and he is determined to fix Roxi on a promise he made. Roxi is going in a downward spiral, she isn't even coping, she is just barely living each day, one day to the next. She is refusing to really admit that her brother has gone, and this makes it too hard for others to help her as they grieve too.

My heart broke for both Roxi and Kyle having to go through this ordeal, and although I did have a few moment where I wanted to shake some sense into Roxi to make her see the way she was behaving wasn't helping anyone, not even herself.

Worth the Risk had much more emotion that I expected, and it was easily portrayed within the pages. I cried so hard and so much, I'm surprised I made it to the end in one sitting and still be able to see the writing. I devoured this book, and found myself really enjoying it. Losing someone is not an easy thing, especially if it's unexpected, and the characters not only deal with this in different ways, but it's also portrayed in a 'real' way too. Not everyone grieves the same way, and Worth the Risk shows how people can grieve differently, and how easy it can be hidden.

Final Verdict
Emma Hart has done a great job of not only drawing you into the story and it's characters, but also making sure you become emotionally invested in these characters. Worth the Risk was definitely worth the read.

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