Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review: Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall

Title: Signs Point to Yes
Author: Sandy Hall
Author Info: Tumblr|Twitter
Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: 20th October 2015
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
The author of A Little Something Different brings you the most adorkable romance ever.

Jane, a superstitious fangirl, takes an anonymous babysitting job to avoid an unpaid internship with her college-obsessed mom. The only problem? She’s babysitting the siblings of her childhood friend and new crush, Teo.

Teo doesn’t dislike Jane, but his best friend Ravi hates her, and is determined to keep them apart. So Teo’s pretty sure his plans for a peaceful summer are shot. His only hope is that his intermittent search for his birth father will finally pan out and he’ll find a new, less awkward home. Meanwhile, at Jane’s house, her sister Margo wants to come out as bisexual, but she’s terrified of how her parents will react.

In a summer filled with secrets and questions, even Jane’s Magic 8 ball can’t give them clear answers, but Signs Point to Yes.
My Thoughts
When I first saw Signs Point to Yes on the publishers website I knew it was a book I had to read, especially after reading the first few chapters. I stalked NetGalley daily for this book, and as soon as it was there I sent my request off and waited patently for the yes or no answer.

Signs Point to Yes begins with Jane and her Mum discussing Jane's job opportunity whilst out of school for the summer. Jane is not really interested in taking an unpaid job as an intern, so she takes matters into her own hands, and lands herself a babysitting job. But what she doesn't realise is that this job will be babysitting her old friends sisters. Teo was someone who used to spend a lot of time with Jane as her Mum looked after him while his was in school. But as they got older they drifted apart, and a barely spoken to each other in a year. To make matters worse, Ravi, Teo's friend dislikes Jane for some unknown reason, and is quick to call her names and talk about her behind her back.

As Signs Point to Yes progresses we find out that the story is about so much more than Jane's job, or her sister being bisexual. Teo has his own issues to contend with. He grew up with only his Mum, not knowing anything about his Dad. For a while things were good, and any questions regarding his Dad were brushed aside with the statement everything was fine with the two of them. But when his Mum remarries, and Teo gets three sisters, he begins to feel pushed out of this family, feeling abandoned and left out. He is determined to find his birth father and get to know him.

Going into Signs Point to Yes I had high expectations, the few chapters I read had me wanting to know more about Jane and her Magic 8 ball, and although I did enjoy the story I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I liked it rather than being blown away by it.

I enjoyed the alternating points of view, giving us a full perspective on the story arc itself and seeing other's points of view. The day to day activities didn't capture my attention much, but I did like the interaction between Teo and Jane. The adventure towards the end of the book did make me laugh, and showed what friendship really meant, so much more than just being a 'friend'.

I think the author has done a good job of incorporating a variety of different issues into one story, making it accessible to younger readers who may also be dealing with them, but also giving us an answer at the end.

Final Verdict
Overall Signs Point to Yes was a good read that did keep me reading and wanting to know how it all ends. Unfortunately it didn't meet my expectations.

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