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So It’s This Totally Cool REAL Mythology, or, Mr. Sean Wyndham Explains the Cthulhu Mythos

When people ask what the inspiration was for my series, REDEMPTION’S HEIR, and I answer “The Cthulhu Mythos and Lovecraft,” I receive one of two replies: “Oh, there must shoggoths in it!” Or: “Um?” Okay, so one person did say, “Wow, I love crafts, too!” But that was an outlier. Full disclosure: I do love crafts. Arts and crafts was my favorite camp activity. I think my inordinate fascination for making key chains and pot holders has something to do with hyperdimensional metaphysics. Like, if you loop over, loop under enough times, a portal to strange new worlds will open.

Anyhow, here’s my series hero, Sean Wyndham, to explain the Cthulhu Mythos. Some people think he sounds suspiciously like me – are we the same person? Well, conspiracy theorists are everywhere, aren’t they?

Take it, Sean.

SEAN WYNDHAM: Hey, guys. So my uncle Gus gave me these books by H. P. Lovecraft, and me and my friend Eddy read them in two days. I mean, protoplasmic blobs (that’s shoggoths) and ultrapowerful cosmic gods and alien races inhabiting Earth practically before the surface cooled, and some of them are still hanging around, and a bunch of them want to come back through transdimensional rifts and wipe humanity out. Like Cthulhu, who’s this giant squid-headed high priest with dragon wings stuck under the Pacific until the stars are right or cultists spring him. For the win, right?

EDDY (EDNA) ROSENBAUM [because she’s always on call to save Sean from himself]: Tell them about the tomes.

SEAN: Yeah, and Lovecraft writes about all these grimoires, which are books of magic spells, like the Necronomicon, which can fry your brain if you read it. It doesn’t, though, because I’ve read some of it.

EDDY: Explains a lot. Tell them about the Outer Gods.

SEAN: So the basic idea that Lovecraft worked out in his stories is that the whole cosmos was created by the Outer Gods. Azathoth is like the Big Bang at the center of everything, but it’s blind and mindless.

EDDY: Maybe seething nuclear chaos.

SEAN: You told me to tell them. So Azathoth just kind of lolls around listening to demon flutists, sort of lame for an ultimate deity. Shub-Niggurath’s a lot busier. Her other name’s the She-Goat with a Thousand Young, which means she’s a fertility goddess or something? Except really scary looking for a goddess.

EDDY: Sexist.

SEAN: No, because when you hear goddess, don’t you think really hot?

EDDY: No. Besides, Shub-Niggurath’s more an it than a her.

SEAN: Ah, She-Goat?

EDDY: How about Yog-Sothoth?

SEAN: It’s the guardian of the gates or TIME ITSELF or something. It either looks like a bunch of freaky bubbles or has a lot of tentacles. The coolest is Nyarlathotep, though. It’s the Soul and Messenger of the Outer Gods and actually talks to people and stuff, plus it’s got like infinite avatars, but at home they call it the Crawling Chaos, so it’s probably not that great-looking either.

EDDY: You’re making the Mythos sound stupid.

SEAN: Hey, who’s training to be a magician with the Order of Alhazred here? So I can save humanity from utter obliteration?

EDDY: You’re not supposed to talk about that.

SEAN: But my whole point is the Mythos is real!

EDDY: I’m leaving before the black helicopters arrive. Or Nyarlathotep.

ANNE: And so say we all, Eddy. But first I’d like to thank Much Loved Books for the chance to spread the truth of the worlds under the guise of fiction, just like Lovecraft did and [pen scrawl down page in original manuscript of this post, recovered from the smoking ruins of Ms. Pillsworth’s abode.]

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