Thursday, 12 November 2015

Beyond the Books: Bedtime Routine

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My bedtime routine

My routine varies depending on what shift I have been on in work, earlies gives me extra TV and reading time.

  1. Come in from work, get changed into PJ's and either cook or have tea nearly cooked for me.
  2. Eat and get in a game of Mario Kart 8, and a few shows that we watch.
  3. B/F works nights so he gets in a quick nap and I'll do blog work on the PC or watch my own TV shows.
  4. Blog work and TV done, I'll have another coffee and read
  5. About 10pm I'll turn off everything and find the cat to check on him
  6. Brush teeth, wash, get into bed and set up iPod for an audiobook. How early I get to bed depends on how long the iPod is on for, but it's usually for 1 - 1 1/2 hours.
  7. Prepare to be attacked by the cat, for him to jump onto the wardrobe and scare me, or wait for him to come and snuggle under the covers for 5 mins
  8. It can take a while for me to go to sleep which is why I have the iPod on, it gives me extra 'reading' time ;) I'm also disturbed by the cat before I actually go into a deep sleep, but that depends on his mood and bed of choice that night*

I tend to shower in the morning before work, it's just a part of my morning routine

Do you have a bedtime routine, care to share in the comments or your own post?

*Kit has a variety of beds, 6 actual cat beds, the human bed, the towel box, the sofa, the chair, behind the bed. He tends to come back into the bedroom after 30 mins and jump onto the corner of the bed, it's always the corner, never the middle, if he's in his human bed mood he will sleep most of the night on the bed, if not he's up and down till he decides where he is sleeping.

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  1. I also change in to my pjs once I get home from work and my husband always laughs at me. It's good to know I'm not the only one! I just want to relax and also not get my work clothes dirty from dinner and washing the dishes.


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