Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Review: The Iron Warrior [The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #3] by Julie Kagawa

Title: The Iron Warrior
Author: Julie Kagawa
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Series: The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #3
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Mira Ink
Publication Date: 19th November 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
The Iron Prince betrayed us all.

He killed me. Then, I woke up.

Waking after a month on the brink of death, Ethan Chase is stunned that the Veil that conceals the fey from human sight was torn away.

The human world has been cast into chaos and the Forgotten Queen is leading an uprising; a reckoning that will have cataclysmic effects on the Nevernever.

Leading the Lady's Forgotten Army is Keirran, Ethan’s nephew and the traitor son of the Iron Queen. To stop Keirran, Ethan must disobey his sister once again as he searchs for answers.

In the face of unprecedented evil and unfathomable power, Ethan's enemies must become his allies, and the world of the fey will be changed forevermore…
My Thoughts
Going into The Iron Warrior I was hesitant. This is the final book in a series I have grown to love, devouring each new addition to this world and really enjoying my time with everyone. I honestly did not want this series to end, and I will admit I did take my time reading The Iron Warrior in an effort to prolong my time with the characters.

After the events of the previous book, and Ethan's dance with death, he awakes to find himself safe, but the Nevernever is in upheaval. Keirran is determined to save the Forgotten, but by doing so has started a war, all of Nevernever will do anything to stop the Forgotten taking over, even if it means sacrificing Kierran's life. Ethan has been tasked with trying to save Keirran from this fate, doing anything he can to save Kierran's soul, and therefore saving Nevernever. With Kenzie in tow, they must do what they can, both in the human world and the fae world.

The Iron Warrior was a fantastic end to a series, and I really enjoyed taking one final trip into the Nevernever, and also being reminded how fast this world can change and turn you around. There was so much going in within the pages, but the main plot was Ethan's journey to save his Nephew. The sacrifices Ethan does to ensure he succeeds are beyond belief, and even though Kierran was the one to 'kill' him, Ethan doesn't let this technicality get in his way.

Seeing how much Ethan has grown throughout this series was inspiring. He has gone from hiding from the fae and avoiding them, to fighting for thier survival and forgiving old feuds. He really has become a warrior in his own right. We can't forget Kenzie. She has stuck with Ethan through it all, even it it meant hurting herself, and I really liked seeing what this amazing duos outcome was.

The final pages of The Iron Warrior really wrapped up this series and ted it with a bow. It was something I didn't expect, but needed to be done.

Final Verdict
The Iron Warrior is a book that ends this series with a bang. It grabs hold and takes you on a journey where you never know what will happen next. This is a must read for fans of The Iron Fey.

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