Saturday, 26 December 2015

Product Review: Magnetic Bookmarks from HappyHelloCo

After recently purchaseing some magnetic bookmarks I decided to browse around Instagram and etsy, and I stumbled upon HappyHelloCo. They sell bookmarks from movies, books, plants, animals, and more.
When I saw the Throne of Glass bookmarks I knew I needed to have them, but the minute they go on sale they sell out. No matter how fast I was getting to their store I was never on time.

Thankfully a trip to the doctors meant I had a later lunch and I decided to browse on my phone.....and found the Throne of Glass bookmarks in stock. I have never clicked and typed so fast to make sure my purchase went through before they sold out. A few weeks after purchase my bookmarks arrived.

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The bookmarks are super cute and match the covers perfectly. They are printed on photo paper and are quite sturdy, with magnets to keep them in place. These are a must buy item for any fan of the series.


  1. I think I need to buy the rest of these, I have the Celeana from Heir of Fire & I have the companions but they look sooo good on their books that I think I need them all :-)


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