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Review: More Than Once [Chasing the Dream #4] by Elizabeth Briggs

Title: More Than Once
Author: Elizabeth Briggs
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Series: Chasing the Dream #4
Source: Author
Publication Date: 30th November 2015
Purchase: Book Depository
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
She’s trying to be good. He loves it when she’s bad.

Andrew West is done being the nice guy. After a marriage proposal gone wrong, he’s started over in a new city and he’s never risking his heart again.

Becca Collins is done being the bad girl. After quitting the band she played bass for, she’s going to prove to her family that she’s really changed.

When Becca’s dumped by her boyfriend and fired from her job on Christmas Eve, all seems lost, until she runs into a former one night stand—Andrew. To impress her parents, Becca convinces him to pretend to be her perfect boyfriend for their holiday dinner.

After Andrew shows Becca he’s all bad boy in the bedroom, neither wants to pretend anymore. But when Becca's invited to rejoin her band for a show and Andrew's forced to face his ex, they both wonder if they're ready to take a leap again—or if they're doomed to fail in life and love a second time.
My Thoughts
The Chasing the Dream series is one I have really enjoyed from the very beginning, so when the opportunity arrived to sign up for More Than Once I did not hesitate to put my name down.

More Than Once gives us an insight into Becca's life, and catches up with her after leaving the band. It also took me a while to make the connection between Andy and a previous book, More than Comics. Andy was the boyfriend of Tara who proposed marriage and was turned down spectacularly

Becca is trying to get her life back on track, to prove to her parents that she has changed, and hopefully get help to go back to college. However this is short lived as she loses yet another job, and her 'perfect' boyfriend dumps her, right before a Christmas family meal. Andy is her Knight in shining armour, after an accidental meeting (which is the cause of Becca's current lack of job) he agrees to be her boyfriend for the night in exchange for a date.

More Than Once is told with some flashbacks of Andy and Becca's first meeting. Drowning thier sorrows together and then ending up in a hotel room. We get to see the chemistry between this duo, and understand why things heat up so fast between them.

After everything that Becca did, I didn't expect to feel sorry for her. Yes she messed up, but tried to make amends for this, changing the way she lived, how she behaved, and tried to settle down, but her parents never seemed to be happy with her until she had the perfect life: job and boyfriend with a future. It didn't seem to matter how hard she worked it was never good enough for them, and when they think she has the life they want for her, only then do they agree to pay for college. I thought this was quite selfish of them to have such high expectations for her, even knowing she was doing the best that she could.

I really liked Becca's sister, and although they are twins they are complete opposites of each other, and have different lives. I liked how thier story line played out, and how they were both unhappy with thier current situation, but how it all worked out for them.
The chemistry between Andy and Becca was intense, and I did like how although they vaguely knew each other, it didn't feel too rushed, that they tried to be friends before making it too serious, especially as they had thier own past still to deal with.

The last half of More Than Once was great. I loved how she was able rejoin the band for the show and how welcoming they were to her. It was just the thing she needed to get out of her slump and kick start her life in the right direction.

Final Verdict
More Than Once was another great installment to this series, I also like how we still get to see characters from the previous books and catch up with them too. I can't wait to get hold of the next bok to see what happens next

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