Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Review: Never Evers by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

Tom Ellen, Lucy Ivison
Title: Never Evers
Author: Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Chicken House
Publication Date: 7th January 2016
Rating: 2 stars

Tell Me About It
Kicked out of ballet academy and straight into a school ski trip, Mouse knows certain classmates can't wait to see her fall flat on her face. Meanwhile, Jack looks forward to danger and girls, but hasn't a clue about either. That's until French teen sensation Roland arrives in the resort - who Jack's a dead ringer for. When Roland persuades Jack to be his stand-in for a day, Jack, in disguise, declares his feelings for Mouse. But what happens when he's no longer a pop star - will it be music and magic on the slopes?
My Thoughts
I really enjoyed Lobsters, a book that this duo have previously written together, so when I saw they had a new book coming out I knew I had to read it. Knowing what to expect from these two authors, I could not wait to dive in when Never Evers arrived, but once I began reading I somewhat disappointed.

Never Evers was a book that made me laugh, and made me want to slap Lauren and her followers in the face, but it didn't blow me away like I expected it to. The story begins very vague, with Mouse (Matilda) not wanting to go on a school ski trip, and having to go with friends, Connie and Kiera, who she doesn't particularly like. I thought this was mean of her, The friends she went with accepted her back into the group like she hadn't been gone, they picked up the friendship fast and included Mouse in everything, but because Mouse initially didn't like how they acted she was very moody about it all.
Jack is going with his friends, Max and Toddy. They go to a different school and meet the girls upon their arrival at the resort. If I'm being honest I did like Jack and Toddy, but Max really annoyed me, wanting to be the best, wanting to be someone who he wasn't, in any way, shape or form. He acted more like a child than the age he was meant to be. I could have happily stood him next to Lauren and slapped them both.

The idea behind Never Evers was nice, I liked the whole mistaken identity with a pop star, and the very reluctant girl being spotted, but overall the story itself didn't really do much for me. Most of the secondary characters were easy to forget, with me only really remembering the ones I liked or wanted to slap. A lot of time was spent making plans, or wondering in the snow, or skiing, and the plot eventually got lost on me.

Final Verdict
Overall Never Evers was an OK read while it lasted, I liked the snow and some of the characters. But looking back now, I really don't think I could tell you what happened or pinpoint the characters.

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