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Book Review: Having It [The Rock 'N' Roll Diaries #2] by Jamie Scallion

Title: Having It
Author: Jamie Scallion
Author Info: TheRnRDiaries Website|TheRnRDiaries Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult, Music
Series: The Rock 'N' Roll Diaries #2
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Mad Notes Media
Publication Date: 22nd January 2016
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
The RockAteers are booming! But suddenly they are accused of being fakes. Who could be behind it? Burt’s has found foolish uses for his new wealth and the last person he expects to offer help is Tea. Egg is finding the pressures of fame and first love tough. Clipper is following his heart and watches in horror as those around him do the same. When Burt annoys the wrong person and it’s more than his testicles at stake. As a UK headline tour beckons, can The RockAteers steady the ship and be ready to crack America?
More thrills and laughs in the brilliant follow up to Making It.
My Thoughts
When I first read Making It I was hooked, so when I saw Having It was being released I was excited but also a bit apprehensive. How could the second book live up to the extremely high expectations I had of it, and would it suffer from 'middle book syndrome'? Putting my worries aside I began reading, and it was clear pretty soon that Having It was going to be amazing.

Having It picks up after Making It. The RockATeers have been signed to a record deal, and have received a pretty hefty advance. Their plan is to make it in the UK, and then conquer USA, however their dreams may be smashed when their first review in Sound City slates their music and the band itself.
Sir Wilson Cloom is still unhappy with losing out on signing the band, and is wishing nothing but failure for them. He has a few tricks up his sleeve to try and discredit the band, and hopefully see them spectacularly fail.

The band not only has to learn to deal with their skyrocketing fame, but also the consequences that comes with it. Being followed by paparazzi, their every move reported, but also problems within their small circle of friends and family. Burt has a serious gambling issues, and is blowing his money on stupidly high bets, as well as last minute super expensive holidays. He also has Hazel and her baby to think about, and with them comes a very unexpected surprise that really puts Burt in the dog house. While there were some parts that I did feel sorry for Burt, I do still think he is an arrogant plonker....and that's the PG version for him. He seriously needs an attitude readjustment.
Egg isn't really changed with the money, but more the fame, and I did like him in Making It, but seeing this new arrogant side to him, this selfish 'all about me' side, I did grow to dislike him.
Clipper is coming to terms with his sexuality and how this is projected to others, he is starting to learn what to do with his feelings and really explore what they mean.
Tea has got to be the lest affected of them all. Not only does he continue to stay grounded, but he uses his money to help him Mum.

Just like Making It, Having It has blog entries, band blog entries, and song titles as the chapters. I really liked seeing the complete picture with this story, seeing it from all sides. Having It also comes with it's own music, and the songs have been on repeat for several days. I really love how the book and the music complement each other.

Having It really shows what the band is capable of, and I like how the story and thier music has grown with them. The book has it's ups and down, but also has the humour we expect from the author. I loved the progression of the book, and the bands story as a whole, and after the ending I really need to know what is going to happen next. I just hope the wait isn't as long.

Final Verdict
After finishing this book I can honestly say that Having It is just as amazing as Making It. There is not a single doubt in my mind about Jamie's writing abilities, he has blown me away one again. Having It is a MUST READ. I really enjoyed catching up with the RockATeers again and seeing what they get up to.

For speed of delivery I chose the kindle version of this book, knowing I could read it instantly, and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be adding the paperback version, and hopefully an audiobook version to my collection too.

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