Monday, 1 February 2016

The Reading Queue: February 2016

The Reading Queue is a monthly meme where you share what books you plan to read for the month. You can hop to other blogs and see what others are reading and maybe find someone reading the same thing as you! Or you can ask for people to vote on what you should read next if you can’t decide.
The Reading Queue is hosted by Book Tasty and Books: A true story.

Before we see what I plan to read this month, let's take a recap on last months Reading Queue and see how I did, all images link to thier reviews.

I also managed to read the following books, but have yet to write the reviews...

As you can see I went on a bit of a 'tackle my tbr short story pile' and read all of the books from The Shadowhunters Academy. My library has had an update on its books available online, so I read The Selection Novellas too.

Since The Reading Queue is now on Instagram, to see what I plan to read this month, pop on over and take a look here. You can also find others post by following the tag #readingqueue.

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