Thursday, 31 March 2016

Audiobook Review: Lockdown [Urban Outlaws #3] by Peter Jay Black

Title: Lockdown
Author: Peter Jay Black
Author Info: Website|Twitter|Facebook
Narrator: Andy Cresswell
Series: Urban Outlaws #3
Source: Gifted
Running Time: 5 hours 27 minutes
Publisher: Audible Studios for Bloomsbury
Publication Date: 10th September 2015
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
In a bunker hidden deep beneath London live five extraordinary kids: meet world-famous hacker Jack, gadget geek Charlie, free runner Slink, comms chief Obi, and decoy diva Wren. They're not just friends; they're URBAN OUTLAWS. They outsmart London's crime gangs and hand out their dirty money through Random Acts of Kindness (R.A.K.s). Their latest mission - hacking the bank account of criminal mastermind Del Sarto - has landed them in serious trouble.
Del Sarto is going head-to-head with MI5 for control of Proteus, an advanced quantum computer able to crack any code and steal top-secret documents in nanoseconds. It's down to the URBAN OUTLAWS to use their guile, guts and skill to destroy Proteus, avert world domination...and stay alive.

My Thoughts
Followers of this blog will know how much I love this series, combining these books with audios was a great idea, and it didn't take me long to make a start on Lockdown. The Urban Outlaws have managed to track down Hector, the only problem is he is in USA, and the outlaws have no way of getting to him, until The Samaritan comes along and offers to send them over, if they help him out whilst there.

Lockdown was my favourite of the series when it was released, we get to see the Urban Outlaws out of thier comfort zone, and in a different country. They have to rely on friends to help them out for small missions, but also get shown how the USA does RAKing. The main mission, to track down Hector, isn't an easy one, and it needs the help of high tech gadgets, friends, sneaky tricks, and a stolen borrowed boat.

Lockdown is just as action packed as the previous books and I really enjoyed getting to listen to this one. I loved everything about this book, the plot, the characters (old and new), and the pace of the story itself. I found myself laughing at silly things (inflatable extras) and smiling when the Outlaws got one over on Hector.

The Narration
Lockdown is the same narrator as the previous books, but he honestly sounds like a different person. I LOVED this narration so much more than the others, and I also enjoyed the different accents. I have it on good authority that a different studio was used to record this book, I vote for that studio to be used again for the rest of the series.

Final Verdict
Everything about the Lockdown audiobook was perfect. The story and the narration worked amazingly well together and I often found myself putting it on for another half hour..when I really should have been sleeping.

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