Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Blogging on a Budget

For most people. blogging is a hobby, something we do around school, work, or even children. It's something we do for fun, to share the love of books, get our thoughts out, and keep track of our reading. It's also something that yields little monetary gain, our rewards come in the form of the most anticipated book in our hands months ahead of publication, and the friends we make.

For me, blogging comes third to my job and my ICT course, my reading time fits in around my life after work and after spending time with the boyfriend. But I also know that blogging doesn't exactly come cheap.
Hosting and domain names can add up. Paid designs to make your blog stand out don't come cheap. Attending blogger/author events doesn't always come cheap either. So this post is mainly a way to share with you how I manage my blog without spending a fortune, this isn't a 'how to' guide, or me saying this is how it's done. This is how I blog and why I do what I do, they are my own thoughts and opinions.

Blog domain & hosting
As you can see I use blogger for my blog. This was mainly because when I stared blogging I really didn't know how long I would last so I chose blogger for my blog. I've been blogging for a while and have considered moving to wordpress, but this also comes along with fees that I may not always be able to afford, and for me the choice comes down to affordability.

I was very luck to get my design for free. READ-A-HOLICZ STAR DESIGNS was making designs for free. Shortly after my design and due to a high demand they were charged. I am in love with my current design, it just fits perfectly with who I am.

If you don't have the biggest personal library to pick a book from, there are lots of places to obtain books to read for review. Check out your local libraries and get books from there. My local one isn't the best, but the library in Town has a great selection, and is also available online which saves the travelling there and back each time I need to renew. Amazon has free books to download to kindle, kindle app, or even kindle for your PC. NetGalley has electronic books for review, and believe it or not I started by reading the books on my kindle PC app.

Blogger Events
For me I have to be picky about the events I attend. I wish I could attend all that I was invited to, but living miles away from London means I have to get the train from Liverpool, which isn't always cheap.

Book Trades
I have some great bookish friends who I have known for several year. Some are bloggers and some are just fellow bookworms. Every time we meet up we exchange books, ensuring we all build up own book collections and get to read some books we can't wait to get our hands on but that we just don't have on our shelves yet.

To my fellow bloggers and bookworms, how do you blog on a budget?

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  1. I do pretty much the same things as you Michelle, I use blogger to host my blog because it's free but I did buy my own domain (which costs me something like $10 a year through Google so not enough to break the bank) and I did the layout myself just using blogger's design tool. As I'm closer to London than you it's a lot easier & cheaper for me to get to events but I still have to be picky to keep costs down.

    When I first started blogging nearly all of the books I reviewed were ones I got from my library, now I probably I spend a lot more on books but I also get a lot for free from publishers and by swapping with friends (you're one of my biggest suppliers LOL). Netgalley is an EXCELLENT way of getting hold of books & I'm addicted to one clicking Amazon freebies when I spot them even though I'll probably never get around to reading most of the ones I have :o)


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