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Book Review: Counterstrike [Urban Outlaws #4] by Peter Jay Black

Title: Couterstrike
Author: Peter Jay Black
Author Info: Website|Outlaws Bunker|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Action, Young Adult
Series: Urban Outlaws #4
Source: Author via publisher
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children's
Publication Date: 7th April 2016
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
The Urban Outlaws face their biggest challenge yet. They have to break into the Facility and find the ultimate weapon – Medusa – before Hector does. But there are five levels of security to crack and a mystery room that has Jack sweating whenever he thinks about it.

But the clock is ticking. Hector is determined to have the weapon and release doomsday, and it is down to the Urban Outlaws to stop him. Can Jack come up with a plan in time?

The tension is high and the shocks are breathtaking in the fourth book of this high-octane adventure series for fans of Robert Muchamore, Anthony Horowitz and Alex Scarrow.
My Thoughts
Counterstrike is the fourth book in the Urban Outlaws series, and one I have been eager to get my hands on. Urban Outlaws is a series I have thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to each new installment, eager to get my hands on it.

Counterstrike was a book that really made me take a step back and think. Throughout this series we get to join the Urban Outlaws on all kinds of adventures, but the beginning of Counterstrike reminds me of how young the Urban Outlaws really are. Wren is only 10, the oldest Jack and Charlie are both aged 15, together as a team they have done so much, and it's easy to forget how young they really are.  We also get to see how the pressure is getting to Jack as he struggles with thier ongoing mission to stop Hector. He is tired of chasing him around, of trying to stop his evil plans, Jack just wants to have fun again, help people out and go RAKing. Seeing him struggle really make me sad, he feels like the team expect so much and rely on him, that he feels like he's letting them down.

The Urban Outlaws latest mission is to get to The Facility before Hector does. Not only is this mission on a very limited time frame, its also one of the hardest ones they have ever done. However this mission is nothing but a failure from the get go. The outlaws need to find a way to get into the secure building, gain access through the security check points and secure doors. This mission is intricate and every detail needs to be in place, but without luck on their side, will the outlaws complete this mission, or get caught trying?

When a new character was introduced I was immediately worried for Jack, and wanted him to turn around and walk away. Talya is someone from his past, who he would like to avoid at all costs, but he finds himself seeking her help when he needs to help Charlie. However the end of the book leaves us questioning her comeback, and what she will do to jack as revenge.

Counterstrike is a gripping read, and I think I read this faster than the previous books in the series. I was a bag of mixed emotions reading this one, going from sad, to nervous, and then worried. Nothing seems to be going right for the team, and I seriously doubted thier ability to get even close to completing this mission. I love the new tricks the Urban Outlaws have up thier sleeves, and seeing what they are capable of with the help of thier friends too. I'm really trying not to say too much about the book and how it all ends, but also share how much I loved this one.

Final Verdict
I LOVED Counterstrike, I could not read this book fast enough, I had to know how it all ended. Counterstrike is a MUST READ for fans of this series, and it's one I'm sure you will devour just like I did. I can't wait to get hold of the next book, due in November, to see what happens now for the Urban Outlaws.

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