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Book review: Maze of Souls [Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #6] by J.L. Bryan

Title: Maze of Souls
Author: J.L. Bryan
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Series: Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper #6
Source: Author
Publication Date: 24th February 2016
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
It's October, and down at newly opened Pine Hollow Farm, the ghosts are running wild!. This “genuine” old-time family farm offers a big heap of fun fall activities. You can drink cider fresh from the orchard, enter a pumpkin-carving contest, and explore the five-acre corn maze. At night, if you aren't too scared, join the haunted hayride through the woods, featuring a genuine eighteenth-century cemetery. According to local legend, the ghost of a horseman has ridden the old dirt road through the woods for nearly two centuries, menacing travelers. Hayriders beware!

Then the real ghosts start to come out, threatening visitors to the farm and the family who live there. Paranormal detective Ellie Jordan travels out to the remote farm to root out the dangerous spirits. Ellie and her assistant Stacey must move fast, because the night is coming when all ghosts will be at full strength and free to roam—the night of Halloween.
My Thoughts
Maze of Souls was a surprise book, with me hearing about it's publication a few hours before it arrived on my iPad. But I am willing admit to dropping everything to read this one. Not only does the cover give off a spooky atmosphere, but the synopsis also promises a real fright.

Maze of Souls begins with Ellie being trapped in a burning house, with her family trapped inside. But thankfully we quickly discover it is a nightmare and that Ellie is in fact safe and sound....for now, and I thought the following quote really portrays Ellie's life as a ghost hunter.
It can be hard to separate the reality from nightmare, especially when my waking reality is filled with its own nightmares. I don't need old ghosts pursuing me out of my past. I have enough of them in my present and my future.
Their newest job takes Ellie and Stacey to Pine Hollow Farm, to investigate strange noises and sightings on the farm. Although the family is getting ready for Halloween and opening a haunted corn maze, the family definitely got more than they bargained for, and seek out Ellie and Stacey for help, before they lose the farm or thier life.

Maze of Souls had a lot of things happening in the pages, the haunting, the merger (which we all saw coming), and something else which I'm not going to mention. But it all works well together, giving us a book that we don't want to put down, and also makes me reevaluate me desire to visit a corn maze.

With a Hessian Horseman, a crawling ghost, and far too many more to name, this was never going to be an easy fix for Ellie and Stacey, and as the story progresses we get to really see how far this haunting has gone, both in history and amount of ghosts present. We also get to see Jason and Michael play a role in this story, and I was happy to see the gang all together at one point, even if there was something off about Michael.

Maze of Souls packs one hell of a punch but also opens the floodgates. It lulls you into a false sense of security before ripping that safety blanket away and throwing a new problem at you. I devoured this book, putting it down in the early hours of the morning, and picking it up as soon as I woke the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed the creepiness of the book and I really enjoyed getting to see the personalities shine through, especially with Stacey's comedic moments at inappropriate times.
"A choppa," Stacey said. "You know, a helicopter? I was doing Schwarzenegger from Predator. 'Get to da choppa!'"
Sometimes I wish Stacey would stay quiet when we're meeting new clients.
With every haunting and removal, you expect some hiccups along the way, and I'd be lying if I said this one was easy. But I really I'd not see that coming, not at all. I knew something wasn't right, but I never expected that. My only issue with this book is the ending, why did it have to end like that, and I really need to know what happens next for these people involved.

Final Verdict
Maze of Souls was an unputdownable read, it was creepy, spooky, and took you on so many twists and turns you never knew what would happen next. The ending was a complete surprise, and I never saw it coming. I really need to have the next book in my hands to see what happens next. I hope the wait isn't too long.

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