Thursday, 12 May 2016

Beyond the Books: Do you have any tattoos?

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This week we are talking about tattoos.

Do you have any tattoos? Why or why not? 
For someone who is afraid of needles and voluntarily stopped getting my flu jab because it scared me more getting it, than the thought of getting sick I have a few tattoos. I have six in total.
I can't really think of a reason why I initially got them, I know it was for my 19th birthday (November) and I picked a rose. Very generic and unoriginal. The next two followed in the same way, a dolphin on the back of my left shoulder (Feb the next year), and a butterfly on my ankle (December later that year). In just over a year I had found myself going from no tattoos, to having three, and that's where I stopped for a while.

My next three tattoos were several years later. I have a rune on the inside of each wrist for my Nans (love and strength) and I have the ribbon for lung cancer on the back of my right shoulder.

Tell us about one of your tattoos and what it means.
I'm going to share the story about my lung cancer ribbon. Several years ago my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. The good news was that it was contained in my Dad's lung and hadn't spread, so cemo and radiotherapy with an operation were the treatment. My Dad went in and had half of his right lung removed. My Dad is my world, and I wanted to show him how much he meant to me as I didn't always say it. Since I'm too scared to actually get a tattoo on my body where is scar was on his body, I chose to have it on my shoulder.
I got it done in secret, not telling any of my parents about it, and was waiting for it to heal before showing my Dad. The sun and choice of clothing spoilt that for me, and I ended up telling my Dad before it was properly healed. My Dad was very touched, and whenever other family members made a point of saying they were getting a tattoo for him, he very proudly told them not to bother, I had one for him already.

Sadly my Dad was diagnosed with another form of lung cancer, a small cell one that could only be treated with more cemo and radiotherapy, and he fought that for over two years, when the outlook he was given was no more than a year, before he lost his battle.

My tattoo for my Dad means a lot to me, and is something I am very proud to show off when clothing allows.

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