Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Book Review: All the Feels by Danika Stone

Title: All the Feels
Author: Danika Stone
Author Info: Website|Tumblr|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Publication Date: 7th June 2016
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
College freshman Liv is more than just a fangirl: The Starveil movies are her life… So, when her favorite character, Captain Matt Spartan, is killed off at the end of the last movie, Liv Just. Can’t. Deal.

Tired of sitting in her room sobbing, Liv decides to launch an online campaign to bring her beloved hero back to life. With the help of her best friend, Xander, actor and steampunk cosplayer extraordinaire, she creates #SpartanSurvived, a campaign to ignite the fandom. But as her online life succeeds beyond her wildest dreams, Liv is forced to balance that with the pressures of school, her mother’s disapproval, and her (mostly nonexistent and entirely traumatic) romantic life. A trip to DragonCon with Xander might be exactly what she needs to figure out what she really wants.
My Thoughts
When I first heard about All the Feels I needed to know more. I love the cover and how it represents the book, but was also drawn in by the synopsis.

After the death of her favourite character, Liv is heartbroken. She can't believe they killed him off, and she is determined to take matters into her own hands. Liv is a big part of the fandom for Starveil, she creates vids, mixing clips together. Her online friends are also part of this fandom, they write fanfic, or create manips. With the help of her real life friend, Xander, Liv creates a new vid, the possible return of her favourite character, with the tag  #SpartanSurvived.

All the Feels is a book that mixes fandom, friendship, unrequited love, and seriously has you feeling All the Feels. Going into this book I didn't really know what to expect, and I quickly found myself falling into the story, eager to know what Liv and Xander would cook up next. I like that although these two have different fandoms, they make a really great team together. Their friendship is strong and real, and is something that Liv relies on a lot throughout the book, especially with her Mothers disagreement.

All the Feels is a book that really draws you in, and although I haven't been to DragonCon, it brought back memories from YALC/LFCC, the crowds, the cosplay, the overall atmosphere. I loved getting to see it through Liv's eyes as she experiences it for the fist time. The DragonCon itself was an experience, especially when thier identities are revealed.

One little touch about this book that I love are the movie scenes, we open the pages to the end scene of a movie, before joining Liv and meeting her. We also get to see a few of these throughout the book, either as Liv's vids, or as part of the movie itself and it just makes it feel more real.

Final Verdict
All the Feels was a book I really enjoyed, my only negative thought is that the ending could have been a bit longer, letting us explore this new situation more.

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