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Book Review: Love and Other Man-Made Disasters by Nicola Doherty

Title: Love & Other Man-Made Disasters
Author: Nicola Doherty
Author Info: Website|Blog|Facebook|Twitter
Genre: Young Adult
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Hachette Children's Group
Publication Date: 2nd June 2016
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
A contemporary teen romance by Irish author, Nicola Doherty, about facing your fears and falling in love. A story with humour and heart, this book is perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Holly Smale and Stephanie Perkins.

Juno is scared of a lot of things. Climate change, urban foxes, zombies - the usual. So when she goes on a skiing holiday with her mum's adrenaline-mad new husband and his tearaway twins, she doesn't hold much hope of surviving. Then she meets Boy. Gruff, hairy and thrill-seeking, he's everything Juno doesn't like. Or is he? Juno's about to discover there's nothing more scary than falling in love.
My Thoughts
These are just some of the things I'm afraid of.
1. Climate change.
2. World War Three.
3. Terrorist attacks.
4. Getting cancer and dying.
5. Getting cancer and dying without ever falling in love. I'm pretty sure that if I get cancer, there won't be a gorgeous guy with one leg in my support group.
6. My hair getting caught in a bus or car door and strangling me.
7. Being kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer and buried in someone's back garden.
8. Failing all my A levels. Or doing badly and it all goes wrong from there and I can't get a job and have to live at home for ever –wherever home is.
9. Civilisation breaking down and me dying because I don't know the right berries to eat.
10. Zombies. Obviously they don't exist, but still.
11. Skiing and other dangerous sports.
12. Urban foxes. They know how to get inside houses, and there was one on the news that mugged a man for his quiche.
13. My parents getting divorced and Mum remarrying.
14. Mum marrying a man who makes us go skiing with his twins.

So far only 13 and 14 have actually happened.
Juno's Mum and Dad have divorced and her Mum remarried someone who is the complete opposite to her Dad, and she doesn't really understand why. Especially when he suggests a family holiday, and it's not something Juno really wants.

This is the first book I have read by Nicola, so I had no idea what to really expect from her writing style. But as soon as I began reading I didn't need to worry about that. Juno reminds me of myself in certain ways, and I like how real and relatable she felt, especially with her siblings. The list as a first chapter lets you see exactly who Juno is, and also the type of person she is, and I instantly liked her.

Love and Other Man-Made Disasters follows Juno and her family as they take a skiing trip as a family, and quickly enroll the children in ski school, where embarrassingly the younger boys do so much better than Juno herself....but I completely understood her thought process on this one. As the days go on Juno finds herself falling for her ski instructor, someone who she didn't expect to like. But as her holiday draws to a close the unexpected happens, and Juno finds herself feeling lost and abandoned.

I really like the writing style of Nicola, she made it easy to love and hate the characters, to feel part of the story, and also portray the beauty of the ski slopes and the environment, so much so I really wanted to be there (for the snow, not the skiing). I liked that although Juno is a person who wouldn't usually take risks, she actually steps outside of her comfort zone, and we see a lot of firsts through her eyes. I mostly liked the dynamics of her new family, although I think her Step-Father could have been a bit more thoughtful of her likes and dislikes.

Love and Other Man-Made Disasters was a book that had me hooked, and I only put it down for the few hours of sleep I had. I found it easy to fall into the pages and I had to see how it all ended.

Final Verdict
Love and Other Man-Made Disasters was a book I really enjoyed, and I definitely need to check out the rest of Nicola's other books.

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  1. This one sounds great! I love books that are set in snowy destinations! :)

    Katie @ The Queen of Teen Fiction


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