Thursday, 28 July 2016

London Bound

As this post goes live I will be up and about, making sure I have all my clothes and books packed ready for another year at YALC.

I attended the first YALC in 2014 and enjoyed it, but didn't have the funds to attend last year. So I am going back again this year to join my fellow book nerds and bloggers for a jam pack weekend full of author signings, workshops, talks, and blogger events.

I have a list of authors I HAVE to meet, and a list of some I would like to meet. I've planned what signings I want to go to, and which talks I want to hear. I have author events (which timed perfectly with my arrival) in London and blogger events after YALC.

I have a small selection of books to take with me, the above picture is just a few of these, which I hope to get signed for myself and for giveaways later this month.

While I'm away at YALC I may be quiet on the blog and social media, but follow me to see updates and pictures. If you are going yourself let me know who you are excited to see.

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