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Welcome to my World: Hero vs. Heroine

Welcome to my World is a chance for bloggers to share various posts, my post is about who my favourite heroes/heroines are, who are more important, and my top three. Before I get around to answering that question I thought it would be an ideal time to share the definition of what a hero and heroine is.
a person, typically a man, who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
a woman admired for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
"she was a true feminist heroine"
When I was approached to take part in the Welcome to My World I accepted, then tried to think of how I would answer the question. so to make it easier for myself I've broke the subject down to different points.

Hero vs. Heroine, who’s more important
Looking at this question the answer is easy for me. I can't pick who is more important as they each have their own rolls in the book they feature in. For me both are equally as important, who doesn't like a strong, independent woman kicking ass and saving the day, but it's also nice to sit back knowing that your hero will be there to save you....hopefully with little/shredded clothing on having fought tooth and nail to get to you, working up a sweat and ready to whisk you off your feet and take you away.

Honestly I love both version of this story, and even in some cases the 'rescue' isn't as I've mentioned above. The heroine could be smart, clever, and just amazing (Harriet from Geek Girl) (Hermione from Harry Potter), able to stand up for herself and not need to rely on anyone to make it through, but also knowing that if they need help friends are always there. Or she could be a fighter and  a kick ass heroine (Celeanea from Throne of Glass) who needs no-one to help her get what shes wants. Or someone who fights for what is right and just (Triss from Divergent) (Katniss from Hunger Games). The hero could be someone who saves you from your world of sadness and loneliness (Luke  from Under Rose-Tainted Skies), or someone who fights for what is right and willing to go above and beyond for it, willing to sacrifice themselves if it means saving the world (Harry Potter)

Looking at that list how can you honestly expect me to pick who is more important, I can't, and I don't think I ever will be able to.

Top Three Favourite Heroes & Heroines
This initially was an easy choice for me, I have a few favourite heroes and heroines that are my go to characters in a series I adore, but after reading what I've written above I'm finding it hard to just pick them and no-one else, so I'm going to cheat and pick my favourite from three series ;)

Belgariad Universe Series
This was the first science fiction series I read, before I ventured into Hobbit territory, and I fell in love with everything about this world, re-reading the books over and over (I'm now on my eighth set of replacements) I love the characters form this world, but there are a few that stand out.
Polgara - She has sacrificed so much of her own life to raise children, to ensure their safety and survival. She is a sorceress who is one of a kind, and has struggled with her unwanted gift all her life. She is a Mother, a leader, a strong woman.
Garion - Garion is not who he thought he was, being raised by Aunt Pol in a farm was not his calling, and although there are a few hiccups along the way, seeing how he grows throughout this series to the man he becomes at the end is a magical experience.
Ce'Nedra - this little Princess is spoilt rotten, used to getting her own way. But she too overcomes her own upbringing to really turn this series around. She is one determined women and she may be tiny in stature, but she is big in strength and heart.

Geek Girl Series
Geek Girl was a series I instantly connected with. The protagonist, Harriet, is not only down to earth, she is relatable in every sense of the word. She isn't the most popular, or the most pretty, or the one with the most fashion sense, she is probably last on the list for most of those, but she is REAL. She doesn't think much of herself, or her modeling abilities, and even when she tries she fails spectacularly. But I can't help but love her, for being herself no matter what others think, and for never giving up.

Mercedes Thompson Series
This is a series I was late to be introduced to, but once I began I was hooked. Mercedes Thompson hasn't had an easy life, growing up as the only shifter in a wolf pack can't be easy, but I love how resilient and independent she is. She has her own life, her own business, and can handle herself in a fight. But she is also able to rely on others, and her ability has helped out her mate and their pack several times over. She is a real kick ass woman, and is someone I would have on my side every day of the week.

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