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Book Review: Waiting for Callback [Waiting for Callback #1] by Perdita & Honor Cargill

Title: Waiting for Callback
Author: Perdita CargillHonor Cargill
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Perdita Twitter
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Series: Waiting for Callback #1
Source: Purchased
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Publication Date: 28th January 2016
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
When Elektra is discovered by an acting agent, she imagines Oscar glory can't be far away, but instead lurches from one cringe-worthy moment to the next! Just how many times can you be rejected for the part of 'Dead Girl Number Three' without losing hope? And who knew that actors were actually supposed to be multi-lingual, play seven instruments and be trained in a variety of circus skills?

Off-stage things aren't going well either - she's fallen out with her best friend, remains firmly in the friend-zone with her crush and her parents are driving her crazy. One way or another, Elektra's life is now spent waiting for the phone to ring - waiting for callback.

Can an average girl-next-door like Elektra really make it in the world of luvvies and starlets?
My Thoughts
I snagged a proof copy of this book from Luna, and didn't manage to get to it. When I found out the authors were going to be at YALC I knew I had to at least try to book, and within the first few pages I knew I was going to love it. Decision made I picked up a finished copy, planning to get both copies signed, but still never got around to reading it. After struggling to read for a while I needed a book I knew I would love, and Waiting for Callback finally found its way off my shelf and in my hands.

Elektra is the protagonist in this story, as we follow her adventures and misadventures through trying to make it in the acting business, as well as trying to live life as a teenager, with school, friends, boys, and the ups and downs that come with being a teenager. We get to see the details of Elektra's life, her parents, her friends, and her crush, who also happens to go to ACT with her. As the book progresses we see some new friendships form (Daisy a fellow actress) and also getting worse (nemesis Flissy), but the possibility of fame and introduction of a boy make it harder for Elektra and her best friend Moss to find time, and both girls find themselves struggling to maintain an easy friendship.

Going into the pages of Waiting for Callback I knew I was going to enjoy this book, but I didn't realise how much. I love the writing style of the book, and how we get to see the inner workings of Elektra's mind, even the bits she may not say out loud. We see her thoughts and feelings about what is going on at the time.

Waiting for Callback is a book that is real, honest, and hilarious. I love the lists, and the deal breakers, especially the edits later on. I liked the email exchanges between the agency and Elektra's parents. The authors also have a similar writing style to Holly Smales Geek Girl series, with the focus on acting rather than modelling, which makes this appealing to fans of that series.

Final Verdict
Waiting for Callback is a great book. I loved the quirkiness of some of the characters, but also how easy it was to relate to Elektra, even though its been several years since I was a teenager. This was an easy book to read, and the writing flows really well. I love that this is a Mother & Daughter writing team, but it definitely doesn't feel like it.
Waiting for Callback is a must read book, and make sure to pop back in the New Year to win a signed proof of this book.

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