Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Book Review: Belle [A Tangled Royals Book #1] by Anonymous Girls

Title: Belle
Author: Anonymous Girls
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter
Series: A Tangled Royals Book #1
Source: Authors
Publication Date: 21st March 2017
Rating: 3 stars

Tell Me About It
Dear Reader,

Isabelle “Belle” March is a nobody. A nothing. A Peasant. No one even knew who she was until one of the Royals, Adam “Beast” Castle, decided she was hot enough to ignore the hierarchy at our school—a hierarchy I myself set in place. I run this school, and the Upper East Side, too. Here at H.E.A., we stick to a strict social status, something most of Manhattan does, too. So when Beast starts dating Belle? All hell breaks loose.

Royals shouldn’t date Peasants, and you’re about to see why.

Oh, and please don’t buy this thinking you know how this story is going to end. You know nothing. Nobody here at H.E.A. plays by the rules, or follows the books. The only one who knows anything around here is me…

And I’m not telling anyone a thing.

My Thoughts
When you are approached to review a new book you are always apprehensive over accepting or not, even more so when you have no idea who the authors are, just that you have worked with them before. But the synopsis of Belle drew me in, along with the tag line
What happens when you mix classic fairy tales and Gossip Girl together? Everything. Everything happens.
I did initially struggle with the beginning of the book, it took a while for me to turn the Disney switch off in my brain, but once that was done I did start to enjoy Belle.

Belle was an interesting read. I initially wasn't sure how this book would play out and I was pleasantly surprised at the uniqueness but familiarity of it. I liked that we get to see some familiar 'faces' and personalities along with thier dress sense, but that they aren't set in thier usual world. The idea of the 'Royals' and the 'Peasants' added that bit of hierarchy into the story, showing us who rules the school and who is looked down on.
The gossip section written by Elsa really gets to the nitty gritty of what is going on in thier social scenes, and we see more of the other characters in these small snippets. I liked how the characters were true to themselves, but also followed thier own desires, which also meant that what I thought was going to happen was mostly wrong.

The progression of the story and the plot itself kept my attention, and everything that happened felt natural and unrushed. As Belle was coming to an end there are events that happen that I didn't see coming, and I'm glad that although I thought the book would be predictable I was happy to be proven mostly wrong.

Final Verdict
Although Belle didn't blow me away, I did enjoy the book. The uniqueness means this book will stand out from others and the sneak peak at the next book has me wanting to know what happen next.

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