Friday, 31 March 2017

Book Review: See How They Lie by Sue Wallman

Title: See How They Lie
Author: Sue Wallman
Author Info: Website|Twitter
Genre: Thriller
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 2nd March 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
All’s not well at the Hummingbird Creek wellness resort. No one can see in. No one can get out…
New from the talented author who brought you Lying About Last Summer: a psycho-chiller to wake up your darkest phobias. If you got to live in a luxury hotel with world-class cuisine, a state-of-the-art sports centre and the latest spa treatments, would you say ‘yes please’?
Well, that’s kind of what Hummingbird Creek is like. No wonder Mae feels lucky to be there. It’s meant as a rich-kid’s sanatorium, but she isn’t sick. Her dad is the top psychiatrist there. But one day Mae breaks a rule. NOT a good idea. This place is all about rules – and breaking them can hurt you…
My Thoughts
Going into See How They Lie I had no idea what to expect. The first time I had heard of this book was at a blogger brunch, but after hearing the author talk about it I knew I had to read this one.

Imagine being able to live in the worlds best resort, not having to worry about the outside world and stress over simple things. Mae's parents work at Hmmingbird Creek, and she gets to live there with other workers children, taking lessons, taking part in sporting activities, and the occasional visit to the spa. The only problem is the restrictive diet and lifestyle, no junk food, sugary food, nothing but the best food is available to eat. But soon Mae becomes suspicious after accepting a phone call from someone who she never knew existed.

See How They Lie was a book that had me trying to figure everything out. I really liked that we are fed small bits of information, and are left to piece it all together with Mae, trying to discover where each new piece fits into the puzzle. I liked the idea behind the story and how it was portrayed to us. On any given day a wellness resort would sound amazing, having the chance to get away from it all, forgetting your troubles, and being with others in the same situation,...until you connect the dots and are really glad you aren't there.

I enjoyed seeing a variety of characters, with a variety of reasons for being at the centre, either put there by parents to help them get better, or to help a child relax, or even down to working thier. Each person has thier own reasons for being there, and eventually thier own reasons for doing what they do. Mae herself was someone who I felt sorry for, but knowing she had real friends in the centre made me feel better for her, especially when she receives help from Noah who becomes a very willing partner in crime. I loved the twisty turn story line and how the plot thickened towards the end of the book.

Once again I'm being very vagueish and dodging a lot of the details about what happens......but it's for your own good.

Final Verdict
See How They Lie was a book I did not put down, and read in a few hours. It was a book that drew me in and had me wanting to know more. I also need to read Sue Wallman's other book now.

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