Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Book Review: All the Forever Things by Jolene Perry

Title: All the Forever Things
Author: Jolene Perry
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary Romance
Source: NetGalley & Author
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Company
Publication Date: 1st April 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
“How many times have you saved me?” I ask Bree.

She grins. “Don’t you mean how many times have we saved each other?”

Nothing is forever. Gabe knows that more than most girls. After all, she lives in a funeral home (it’s the family business), and she gets that everything in the world dies eventually – people, rumors, fashion trends, the nickname “Graveyard Gabe.” But her best friend, Bree, has been a constant in her life; it’s always been the two of them together. Until Bree starts seeing a guy who stands for everything Gabe thought they were against. How could Bree change her mind and go for someone like Bryce Johnson?

Now Gabe doesn’t know who her friend is anymore. And the only person who seems to have time for her is Hartman, the new guy, who is somehow not weirded out by the funeral home stuff (well, a little). Still, Gabe doesn’t want to lose her mind over a guy the way Bree has, so she holds back.

But a very strange prom night (driving the family hearse instead of a limo) will change what Gabe knows about friendship, love, life, and everything that comes after – forever and otherwise.
My Thoughts
When I saw a new book by Jolene Perry I knew I had to read it, even more so after reading the synopsis. The idea of the protagonist living at a funeral home really drew me in, and i had to know how this affected her and her social life

Gabe lives in funeral home that is run and owned by her parents, and once that knowledge is out tends to scare possible friends away. Her one and only friend in school is Bree, whilst everyone else either avoids her, or makes fun of her dress sense and her home. One person who instigates a lot of the teasing is Bryce. When a new boy arrives in school he is very interested in Gabe and her home, and soon Hartman and Gabe are firm friends.

All the Forever Things was a book I read pretty quickly. The plot as a whole drew me in, but also seeing the other small pieces made this an interesting read. Not only do we have Gabe living in a funeral home, her best friend starts to have feelings for the enemy and Gabe feels like she is losing Bree, who is quickly choosing boys over friends. the arrival of Hartman and his fascination with the funeral home adds another twist to the friendships, even more so with his reasons for wanting to be there. We see Gabe bullied, accepted, and shunned throughout the pages of the book from a variety of people, and it really made me think of how quick people are to judge or pass the blame to others if they don't like what they are seeing/hearing.

For me Gabe really stood out. She may not be accepted by all but she has her own sense of style and a very unique but stubborn personality. But she is also loyal to a fault, even if that means standing up for her friend and making some bad choices. Bree was someone who I had mixed feelings about, I thought she was easily swayed and followed along rather than making her own choices, especially if those choices weren't the 'norm'.

All the Forever Things was an emotional filled book. I laughed at the humour, I cried over the loss of others, but smiled at the moments of happiness. Its a book that you can enjoy and fall into easily, but also makes you think and question things.

Final Verdict
I really enjoyed reading All the Forever Things, I enjoyed seeing the characters grow throughout the pages, and also how things can be forgotten, even if it takes a tragedy to make this happen. This is a book that will stay with me for a while and is one I will read again.

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