Saturday, 17 June 2017

Parkrun Number 9: Princess Park, Liverpool

For those who don't follow me on Instagram, I participate in parkrun as often as possible on Saturdays. I first heard about it after completing a Couch to 5k training course, and our final session was to complete a 5k race. I don't attend every week, but I try to go as often as possible, with runs throughout the week, and a volunteering day too. I'm currently trying to increase my speed as I tend to jog more than run, and by jog I mean a snail could probably run faster than me 🐌

Our local parkrun is in Crosby, where we run along the sand past four iron men, back towards the baths, and then straight along the promenade towards Burbo Bank, and then back across the grass. Up until today this was the only course we ran...but we aren't always happy with it.

The sand is a struggle and take a while to recover from as we run along the prom. The grass is uneven and full of pot holes (which are marked). If they reverse the course because of the tide or sinking sand then the grass is our start point, which we don't like. We also don't like the wind, especially when you have to run 3-4k against it.

After a pitiful attempt last week we decided to become tourists and visit another course, we chose Princess Park in Aigburth. This is a course of two and a half laps which we struggled with. There were hills, it was hot, there was a lake (I don't like water, sea not so bad because I can avoid that, lakes aren't good)

Running this course we decided that we weren't going to get an overall PB (personal best) time, especially as we both ran/walked it, but we knew for sure we would get a PB for the course itself (each new course gives you a PB for that course)

My PB for Princess Park was 41:13

Completing the parkrun is going to be a continuous thing for me, not only as a way to stay healthy but it's also something I strangely like. I'll keep you all updated each week with my progress on timings, course ran, and general feelings about the day.

Links take you to parkrun websites and course descriptions, with iron men taking you to a wiki page. I'd love to know if anyone has ever completed a park run, or completes in one, or if you have any tips to help :)

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