Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Book Review: Who's Afraid Too? [Tommi Grayson #2] by Maria Lewis

Title: Who's Afraid Too?
Author: Maria Lewis
Author Info: Website|Facebook|Twitter|Instagram
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
Series: Tommi Grayson #2
Source: Publisher
Publisher: Piatkus
Publication Date: 4th July 2017
Rating: 5 stars

Tell Me About It
Tommi Grayson: all bark, all bite . . . and now she's BACK!

After the worst family reunion in history, Tommi needed some space. She's spent the last few weeks trying to understand her heritage - the one that comes with a side order of fur - as well as learning about her Maori ancestry and how she can connect to it. But she can only escape for so long.

When an unspeakable evil returns, Tommi will need every piece of knowledge and all the skills she has. With the help of allies old and new, frenemies both helpful and super-annoying, she's going to take the fight to the enemy.
My Thoughts
It's no secret that I loved the previous book in this series, and I've been eager to get my grabby hands on Who's Afraid Too? from the moment I finished reading book one. Tommi is a character that certainly stands out and leave an impact and I had to know what trouble she would find herself in next.

Tommi has left behind her home, and her life to figure out what the heck to do with herself now. Some of her best friends are dead, whilst another is in hospital in Berlin receiving treatment, and Tommi needs to figure out what happens next. Her target is Wigtown, a tiny village in Scotland , where she hopes to find answers to her heritage before continuing on to Berlin to join Joss.

Tommi is someone who has come a long way, and after discovering her family history she refuses to take it lying down and is determined to find an answer. Wigtown sounds like an amazing place, a town that is full of book shops and helpful people. Although Tommi's time in Wigtown is very short, she certainly comes away with more than she thought she would. Upon her arrival at Berlin, Tommi soon discovers it's not going to be as relaxing as she initially thought, when the discovery of an ancient enemy, thought to have been wiped out of existence centuries ago, makes a reappearance, and Tommi and the wolves need to find out who is responsible as soon as possible before the price is too high.

Who's Afraid Too? is a book that take us on a whole new adventure with Tommi that takes us on a twisting turning journey and doesn't let up. It keeps us guessing until the last few chapters over who is responsible and how it's all going to end. I loved the action, the adventure, the violence, and the general kick assness (is that even a word) of Tommi and his misfit group of wolves and guards.
I absolutely loved getting to see how far Tommi has come from the beginning of this series, her ability to control her wolf is astounding, and how she incorporates this into the fights just leaves you in awe.

It's hard to rally review this book without giving away spoilers about what events happen. There are shock revelations, twisty turny paths that try to lead you off in the wrong direction, and an amazing set of characters. I had the pleasure of meeting Maria last year at an event in London, and even more so now for me the author just embodies Tommi, from the hair, to the sense of style.....so I guess that makes Maria a kick ass author, and kick ass werewolf too :)

Final Verdict
Buy this book.....that's all I can really say. I also need the next book now....like this second now.

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