Saturday, 15 July 2017

Parkrun Saturday: Crosby parkrun


Another Saturday, another parkrun. I've gotten into the routine of checking the weather as soon as I wake up on Saturdays now, mainly so I can pick the best running gear to wear for the weather....and by gear I mean t-shirt or vest, pants or cropped pants, jacket or no jacket. So at 7am this morning a quick glance told me it was drizzly and I would need to wear my slightly warmer, but no less waterproof stuff.

My day usually starts off with my meds, then coffee and whatever breakfast I feel like, which is usually something small (todays choice was cereal) After a quick shower, I get dressed, then remember I need my knee supports on, and remember to grab my barcode on the way out (no barcode = no time).

We arrive at Crosby Baths and make the executive decision to leave our jackets in the car, we'd rather get a bit wet off the rain than end up sweating buckets from having our jackets on. Today was also a game of jellyfish dodge as a lot had washed up on shore overnight so we had to follow the route as best as possible whilst also trying not to stand on them.

I didn't expect much from today, I've worn myself out at the gym this week (four classes in three days, as well as a gym session)  and the rain made the sand super soft, your foot sank further today. Towards the end of the last section I ran blind....the rain meant I couldn't see out my glasses, so it was just easier to take them off and aim for the fluorescent signs and narrowly missing a big pot hole which my friend pointed out to me, and ending on a sprint finish.

Crosby parkrun results for event #86. Your time was 00:38:21.

Congratulations on completing your 12th parkrun and your 11th at Crosby parkrun today. You finished in 98th place and were the 25th female out of a field of 103 parkrunners and you came 3rd in your age category VW35-39. Congratulations on setting a new Personal Best at this event! Congratulations on your fastest time this year.

I have a new PB!!! it's been a while since I had a PB and I'm determined to beat this time. I know I can run 35:30 on a flat surface (Race For Life 2017 time) so that is my aim for parkun, even if it means a bit of tourism around the area to find one that works for me.

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