Saturday, 22 July 2017

Parkrun Saturday: Crosby parkrun


This has been a somewhat lazy week for me. I hurt my leg (possibly a pulled muscle) last weekend so I've not gone to the gym much, or done any running this week. On top of that it was hot, hotter than I expected when I got dressed this morning in t-shirt and pants because it was raining before I got dressed.

Having no time to change I stayed in what I was wearing and we drove to pick up my niece who was coming running with us for the first time. My niece is a dancer, but can run. We completed the race for life a few weeks ago and she declared she wanted to do 10k next year, so we signed her up for parkruns when she could fit them in around dance.

It was tough today. It had rained last night so the sand was really really soft, it was also hot. We all struggled today, but I think my niece wasn't expecting to struggle so much. We did walk a few times, and stop to get something out of her shoe, and we managed a respectable time of 38 minutes and 45 seconds. She had fun and still had energy left for dance and shopping.

I'm still convinced we need to do a bit of tourism and find a flatter course, or at least one that doesn't have sand.

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