Sunday, 3 December 2017

Book Review: Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover by Audrey Pen

Title: Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover
Author: Audrey Pen
Author Info: Website
Genre: Picture Book, Children's Fiction,
Source: NetGalley
Publisher: Tanglewood
Publication Date: 16th May 2017
Rating: 4 stars

Tell Me About It
“Are we almost there?” Chester Raccoon asked his mother. Chester is excited about going to his very first sleepover. After his mother drops him off at Pepper Opossum’s house with a Kissing Hand in his palm, Chester and his animal friends have a long day of playing games and eating snacks. But when the animals decide to bed down, Chester can’t go to sleep. While his Kissing Hand has kept him from getting scared, he isn’t in his own bedroom, and he misses his family. When Chester returns home, Mrs. Raccoon welcomes her little cub and reassures him that his home is always there when he needs it.

Young readers will enjoy reading about the party fun and take comfort when Chester finds himself in a situation they can relate to.
My Thoughts
Reading young children's books is quite new for me as a blogger, considering I read them five days a week in work. After seeing Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover on NetGalley and reading up about it I knew I had to give this one a chance, and even though it's not relevant to my room, it sounded like the perfect read for the older children.

Chester is off to Opossums tree for a sleepover, but is very nervous about it all. After a quick kiss from his Mum, Chester is soon invited to all the games, and the food. But once the excitement has worn off Chester soon finds himself unable to nap, because he misses his own bed, with it's own views too much.

I love how bright and colourful the illustrations are within the pages and how they are relevant to the story and the words on the page. I loved the mix of animals at the sleepover, especially the skunk who has 'stinky puffs' for various reasons from being nervous to being happy.

The story is one that is easily relatable to younger children struggling to fit into a new situation and missing their families. I liked how the animals all tried to make Chester feel comfortable and invited him to games and to eat his favourite food.

Final Verdict
Although Chester Raccoon and the Almost Perfect Sleepover was a quick read, the story is one that stays with you for days afterwards.

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